Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Awake File


Open Source and secure framework, Awake File allows Java developers to easily implement file uploads and downloads through HTTP.

Awake File was built to ease the development of Android, Swing, JavaFX and SWT applications that need to upload or download files to/from a Servlet Container.

· Compatible with Servlets 2.5+ containers.
· Supports Android, Windows, Unix/Linux and MacOS X on client and server side.
· Android is supported on client side
· Optimized and designed to manage heavy traffic with data streaming, stateless sessions, etc.
· Full default configuration included for easy start.
· Configuration neutral. Configuration is done through getters in Java classes using Dependency injection. This allows you to easily define your configuration strategy and implementation : ini file, XML, etc. Just use or overload any or all of the few configuration methods with your own code.
· Client/Server communications and exchanges entirely done in http or https on standard ports. (No firewall configuration required).
· Supports simultaneous sessions from client side.
· Supports files download/upload and RPC calls from Java Threads.
· Includes built-in and easy to use helper classes for GUI Progress Bars implementations.

download HERE
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