Monday, September 24, 2012

WINDOWS 8 is here!!

Windows 8 is the final name for the next version of Microsoft's operating system, ie Windows NT 6.2

This operating system will come in 4 different editions:

Windows 8 will be the equivalent of the old versions Home Premium Windows.
Windows 8 Pro (not Professional) will be equivalent to the Professional and Ultimate versions: the complete operating system.
Windows 8 Enterprise will be available for large groups, with volume licensing.
RT Windows version is running on the ARM processor equipment (tablets, smartphones ...). This version does not therefore bear Win32 applications running under the PC, only the Windows Store applications are installable.
For some time, with many leaks from Redmond, the release schedule of the eighth component of the operating system of the firm states:
  • February 29: Release of the beta 1 (Consumer Preview) free download, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
  • June 1: Output Preview Release (equivalent to the old release candidate Windows) can be downloaded here
  • July 2012: the final version is available in trial version (valid for 90 days and on which it is impossible to install the final version), download here requires a Microsoft account (@, @
  • October 26, 2012: official release of the final version of Windows 8.

For now, the upgrade from Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 to be at € 29.99, and € 59.99 for DVD. Very competitive prices, unlike older versions which ranged between 100 and 300 €!

In addition, Microsoft has launched a special offer for all PC with a genuine version of Windows 7 (valid for Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate), which benefit from a switch to Windows 8 to 14, € 99.


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