Monday, September 10, 2012

Checking your email can be become such an automated action that you don't realize how much time you really waste on it. Luckily you can use applications that take care of this task for you, like Scott's Gmail Alert.
Scott's Gmail Alert keeps you informed about any new messages that come to your inbox. It only works with Gmail, but can support up to five different accounts. It can also keep you up to date with Google News and Google Calendars.

Besides checking your Gmail inbox for new email, Scott's Gmail Alert also lets you send replies or create quick new messages from within the program – with support for attachments too. The program includes an extensive configuration menu where you can set up the details for your accounts, schedule the time interval for email checking, or even create color rules to make certain email messages stand out, among other options.
Scott's Gmail Alert can be configured to show a desktop notification and/or play a sound every time you get new email. In this way you won't miss any important message, but it can also get a bit annoying if you receive lots of emails everyday.
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Source Softonic

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