Thursday, July 19, 2012

Create a safe private network between two computers

Hamachi is a handy tool lets you connect two computers via the internet by creating your own virtual private network (VPN) and protecting it with industry-standard encryption algorithms.

This means that your communications will be safe from prying eyes at all times, creating a private channel between both computers. Of course, Hamachi can also be used in local area networks (LAN) for extra safety.

Hamachi features a simple interface that enables you to create personal safe networks in just a couple of steps. At first sight, it all looks very easy to use. Plus your connection is conveniently protected by an AES-256 encryption algorithm.

Complications arise later on when trying to share files between computers: you'll have to do it through network sharing on Windows because it's not a feature Hamachi itself supports. In the end, I have to admit we were unable to share files over Hamachi during our tests – you know how stubborn Windows folder sharing configuration can get. Oh well, at least we could have a chat – a very safe one, of course.

Hamachi is a great solution to establish safe, private P2P connections between two computers; unfortunately it's not as easy to use as it seems at first sight.

Recent changes

- TCP tunnel setup

- An incorrect IP address was recorded during TCP tunnel setup

- Unregistering UPnP entry

- UPnP entries were not unregistered before a new one was registered

- UPnP entries not removed from router

- UPnP entries were not removed from the router's settings if the Hamachi² client was not shut down properly. This occurred for example due to system failure, or network interruption

- Welcome messages in minimal mode

- Clients running in minimal mode incorrectly received network welcome messages

- The options in the Network menu were available on the Hamachi² for Windows client in restricted mode even if joining or creating networks were disabled on the LogMeIn web interface

Download this programa here

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