Thursday, November 8, 2012

WonderShare QuizCreator

Powerful Quiz Maker to Make Flash Quizzes & Surveys

I have to admit, when I saw there was quiz creation software to review, my heart didn't exactly leap for joy. It just goes to show, however, that preconceptions can be misleading, because Wondershare QuizCreator turned out to be some of the most impressive niche software I've seen in a while.
It has to be admitted that Wondershare QuizCreator has a relatively small target public. If you are a teacher, instructor or education provider, however, it has all the potential to be a really powerful tool. Wondershare QuizCreator is basically a comprehensive quiz wizard. You'll have to think up the questions yourself, but as long as you have the material, the program will help you arrange and publish it - either to the QuizCreator Quiz Management System website, on the Internet as a flash quiz, an AICC/SCORM package for learning management systems, an EXE file, to CD or, finally, as a Word or Excel document.
Creating the quiz itself couldn't be easier with Wondershare QuizCreator. You pick the quiz type - multiple choice, fill in blanks, essays, etc. - and write the questions and answer options. You can also add a range of multimedia options to make the whole thing more interesting, or mix and match types in a single quiz.
There are also a great range of configuration options that will allow you to chose everything, from how many attempts your examinees get, the pass rate, time limit and much, much more. Sure, only a few people need to make quizzes on a regular basis, but if you're one of them, then Wondershare QuizCreator is surely the tool for you.

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